Nail Services

Give Your Nails a Glow up at Salons by Vista College

These days your nails on both your hands and your feet can be a beauty art form in and of themselves. The color, the polish, the shine — stepping up your nail game can be a pampering experience, one that we believe everyone should be able to afford. At our nail salons in Texas and New Mexico, you can request an appointment for any of our nail services listed below and get the spa treatment for less than the spa price.

From French pedicures and manicures to nail art and gel lacquers to even just a quick polish change to refresh your look, our student cosmetologists provide a full range of nail services and exceptional customer service, all of it overseen by experienced instructors who ensure you walk out the door feeling your best.

Beautiful Nails

Please note, we do not use metal implements for cutting nails and cuticles.

French Pedicure$24
Spa Medicure$18
Gel Lacquer$18
French Manicure$12
Basic Manicure$6
Gel Lacquer Removal$6
Polish Change$3
Nail Art (per nail)$2

All prices are starting prices. All styling and chemical services may require additional fees for length and/or density. Services are performed by students under supervision of licensed instructors. All prices are subject to change without notice.